Dreadlock Extensions

Eye-Catching Dreadlock Extensions & Braided Hairstyles

From dreadlocks to extensions, braided hairstyles are always flattering. The specialists at Glamour Braids & Weaves of Anchorage, Alaska, create amazing hairstyles that enhance the beauty of every woman.

The Modern Look

The braid is a sexy style for women with medium to long hair and is the premier look for 2021. Braids are great in any weather and are extremely versatile. They can be interwoven with pretty ribbons or pinned in place with classy clips, and the French braid is great for controlling unruly locks on a bad hair day.

Our list of services includes:

    • Angel Hair Braiding
    • French Braids
    • Cornrows
    • Weave Alternatives
    • Instant Fullness & Length
    • Braid Designs
    • Twists
    • Proper Hair Care
    • Proper Braid Removal
    • Halo Repair
    • Children's Styles
    • Men, Women, Children, All Welcome
    • Latch Hook-Braiding
    • Human Hair Weaves
    • Whole Head Weaves with Net Human
    • Whole Head Weaves
    • Half Head Weaves
    • Tree-Braiding Human Own Hair
    • Tree-Braiding Half Head
    • Braid Removal
    • Micro-Braids
    • Big-Braids
    • Weaves